Thursday, August 1, 2013

CrossBlocks Beta

Those of you who have read my previous post might have guessed: I've been busy making a new word game.
Meet CrossBlocks:

My newest game, and the first one ever with online play (yay!), it's a word game that has the same scoring rules as Scrabble, but it's played differently.

You have 100 seconds to score as much points as possible with the letters you are given.
At the end of the round the real words are found and calculated.
Only real words count towards your score.

You can play for 3 rounds, 5 rounds, 200 points or 300 points. Both English and Dutch are supported languages.
You can also play online against a friend, in this case both players start the round at the same time.

I'm happy with result, it's exactly what I wanted to make, a word game to quickly play together or alone!

You can play the BETA version or download the Android version on my new website: