Saturday, April 28, 2012

Screenshot Saturday 64 :D

(Posted on Reddit for screenshot saturday!)

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This is my first Screenshot Saturday and I'm happy I got some stuff to show I've made using XNA!
First of all, I finally completed a game two weeks ago: Ball Vanquisher.
It's a 2D run 'n shoot type of game, you can read more about it here.
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot3 Screenshot4

After that, I remembered having so many unfinished projects with helper classes in them that could be handy in other games I make too so I've started making a library full of helper classes/methods/components with all those pieces cleaned and tied together as base.
It's starting to turn into a really handy library with an animated sprite class, per-pixel collision detection, a simple particle engine, a 2D camera, extension methods for commonly used classes, primitive drawing for debugging, and lots more.

I also made a small game in 3 days using the library, and it helped me to improve the library some more, especially the Sprite class.

Now I've just started yesterday on making a game again, but this time a little bigger and more fun. I've had fun drawing the "crossbow", and I plan to do to everything in the same style.
I really like this flow between making games and adding stuff to the library at the same time to speed the process up next time, I'm having tons of fun with it!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Game progress video #1

I recorded the platformer game a few days ago, this was how I tweaked the collision checking code.
I'm not very far yet, but at least the movement and states are acting correctly (most of the time).
The level generator almost works how I want to now, it's creating simple levels, the player start position and the next step is enemies.

What I'm working on now though are some classes for loading in Spriter Beta .SMCL files and spitting out animations.

It's not finished yet, I've got the loading done but I'm creating the classes now that will be made public in the code that will allow easy animation.

Hopefully I can show some big progress next time.